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Abilities are generally supernatural(Su) or extraordinary(Ex) tools a character has. Oftentimes they bring something completely new to the table that isn't available as a spell or feat. Oftentimes they follow a theme with several iterations on the same ability.


If an ability requires concentration treat it as a 5th level spell for purposes of calculating the concentration DC.

Difficulty Check (DC)

Some abilities require a target make a save, and for that there will be a difficulty check. These come in two flavors. Mental based(Su) and Constitution based(Ex). They are often calculated as 10 + 1/2 HD + primary mental modifier or 10 + 1/2 HD + constitution modifier respectively.

Dispel Magic

Any ability that is a Supernatural ability(Su) or a Spell-Like ability (Sp) can be dispelled. Supernatural abilities are considered spell level 6 for dispel magic rolls and Spell-Like abilities use the respective spell level of the spell being mimicked.

Extraordinary Ability (Ex)

These are abilities that typically rely on physical attributes and are more mundane in their presentation. These are never subject to dispel magic or spell resistance.

Hit Die (HD)

Your character's level after any level adjustments.

Iterative Growth

When a higher form of an ability is taken it replaces the previous ability. For example Improved Breath Weapon replaces Breath Weapon.


There are prerequisites for these, the ability score requirements are a hard prerequisite. However, other prerequisites can be overridden with sufficient integration with the character's back story.

Spell-Like Abilities

These are abilities that mimic spells from the spelladex. The difference is that they always use HD in place of CL for spell functions and features.

Spell Proficiency

Spell proficiency is added to Spells, Spell-Like abilities(Sp), Supernatural abilities(Su) DC's, as well as any non-touch attack roll. It is also applied as a flat bonus for each damage/healing/warding dice for Spells, Spell-like abilities(Sp), or Supernatural Abilities(Su). For example, if a character has a spell that deals 5d6 damage and has a Casting Proficiency of 2 it will be 5d6+10 damage.

Spell Resistance

If an ability is subject to spell resistance your HD is your effective caster level. Note that spell penetration does not benefit abilities.

Super Natural Ability (Su)

These are abilities that typically rely on mental attributes and are more magical in their presentation. They are subject to dispel magic, and sometimes spell resistance. When rolling against a counterspell, dispel, or any similar effect, a supernatural ability is considered to be spell level 6, as a result get a +4 to the roll.



  • Ally Shielding: Grant warding to allies.
  • Animal Companion: Gain a companion of the Animal monster definition.
  • Arcane Blast: Gain powerful ranged ability that gains benefits from sacrificing spell slots.
  • Aura, Lesser: Gain a persistent aura that augments ally capabilities.
    • Aura, Improved: Increases the benefits of being inside the Aura, as well as its range.
      • Aura, Greater: Further improves the benefits of being inside the Aura.






  • Familiar: Gain a small, or smaller, magic imbued companion.
  • Focus: Sacrifice multiple attacks, for a single, reliable, attack.
  • Fay Space: Your character has access to a personal extradimensional pocket.
  • Flip Trick: Gain immunity to flanking, attack of opportunities, and flat-footed. Also gain +5 dodge bonus to AC and Reflex Save.



  • Hail of Arrows: Strike multiple targets with your ranged weapon in a single attack.
  • Hamstring: Injure your target to cripple their mobility.




  • Key Insight: Make a knowledge check, on success disadvantage your foes.


  • Lay on Hands: Gain a pool of healing/damage to use on touch.
  • Leaping Assault: Make a large jump in a straight line and deal extra damage with a physical attack.
  • Lucky Incense: Give allies within the area re-rolls on rolls of their choosing.



  • Natural Magic: Gain a spell of 5th level or lower as a Super Natural (Su) ability.





  • Rage: Gain attack and damage bonuses. Cast spells have a higher DC. Fatigue and AC penalties.
    • Rage, Greater: Bonuses are improved, gain temporary HP, all spells are bolstered, cast spells at 2 CL higher for duration.
      • Rage, Intensified: All effects are further amplified, first spell cast is perfected.
  • Rebuke Undead: Suppress undead with a pulse of divine power.
  • Riposte: Gain immediate attack against an attacker that misses your character.


  • Shadow Blast: Blast a foe with shadow dealing non-lethal damage.
  • Shadow Clasp: Hamper a foes movement and deal damage to them.
  • Shadow Fade: Gain passive conceal based on your HD, move quickly, set up for a stun.
  • Shard of Void, Lesser: Summon a movable Shard that requires concentration. Deals entropic damage.
  • Shattering Feedback: Upgrade to endure, mitigated damage will deal damage to the weapons that have struck your character.
  • Sliding Scourge: Slide foreward and attack all enemies within 5 ft. of the slide.
  • Spell Theft: Absorb directed spells your character has saved against. Recast them at using the original caster's stats.
  • Spell Thrower: Obtain and use an object or piece of magical technology to do different things.
  • Spirit Form: Transform into another type of creature, gain some abilities of that form while retaining your character's mental attributes.
  • Static Cling: Designate two targets, they take increasing damage the farther they are apart.
  • Suppression Field, Lesser: Apply penalties to all enemies within the area.



  • Unleash: Give Construct, Animal Companion, or Familiar combat bonuses.


  • Valour, Lesser: Gain bonuses while engaged with multiple foes. Gain temporary HP felling foes while in this situation.
    • Valour, Improved: Bonuses are increased, get attacks of opportunity against foes using opportunist on your character, casting spells no longer provokes attacks of opportunity.
      • Valour, Greater: Bonuses are further increased, temporary HP is also gained when opportunist attacker misses.


  • Were-Transformation: Lycanthropic abilities are gained, chances to act randomly.
  • Wind Slash: Deal damage to enemies in a line with a slashing weapon.