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Feats are typically a thing taken that modifies a mechanic or bonus that already exists in the game. Most feats are passive though there are some, like metamagic, that have some active use to them. These differ from abilities or definitions in that they do not define a character, nor do they give new mechanics. Below will be a set of lists that will do their best to organize them into feat lines based on prerequisites and benefits.

Advanced Simple Magic

Armor Training


  • Lethal Unarmed Strike: Deal lethal damage with unarmed strikes.
    • Grappler: Initiating a grapple no longer provokes an attack of opportunity and gain +4 competency bonus on opposing grappler rolls.
  • Long Strike: Gain an extra 5 ft. of reach at the cardinal directions.

Combat Prowess

General Feats

  • Alert: Gain +3 to Initiative, Spot, and Listen checks.
  • Grenadier: Grenades of all types have their damage and range increased.
  • Strong Constitution: Forever gain 2 HP per HD, works retroactively.

Magic Feats

  • Spell Focus: Select a number of spells and cast them at +1 CL and increase maximum dice by 1.
    • Greater Spell Focus: Two of your focus spells gain still and silence at all times as well as bonus swift spells.
  • Spell Penetration: Gain +2 bonus on rolls against spell resistance
  • Overload Staff/Wand: Deal maximized damage with a staff or wand; see text.
  • Reflexive Spell: Use melee touch spells as attacks of opportunity, so long as they are a swift action to cast.
  • Tenth Level Spell Slot: Gain a 10th level spell slot for metamagic purposes.
  • Weapon Casting: Use chosen weapon as focus, weapon's value becomes the focus value.


Monster Feats

  • Pounce: Gain extra options when charging with natural attacks.
  • Primal Attack: Secondary natural attacks are at -2 instead of -5.
  • Snatch: Choose forgo any secondary natural attacks to instead engage in a grapple on any successful hit with a primary natural attack.
    • Improved Snatch: As snatch, but there is no need to forgo secondary natural attacks.

Mounted Combat

  • Swift Dismount: Dismount on either mount's or character's turn as a swift action.
    • Lunging Dismount: Gain +6 attack and damage on a swift dismount when used to attack a foe.
  • Mounted Archery: Reduce penalties of using ranged weapons while on a mount.

Ranged Prowess

  • Careful Aim: Ignore partial cover and always hit intended targets engaged in grapples.
  • Crack Shot: Gain an extra attack with bows, change the use of thrown weapons and crossbows from standard actions to attack actions.
  • Forceful Shot: +1 attack and damage when using ranged weapons within 30 ft. of target.
  • Practiced Reload: Reloading crossbow, or other weapons, becomes a move action.


  • Disciplined Mind: Re-roll failed saves against compulsion effects.
  • Indomitable: Gain +2 innate bonus to all Will saves.
  • Quick Feet: Take no damage instead of half-damage on successful reflex saves.
  • Unbreakable: Gain +2 innate bonus to all Fortitude saves.
  • Untouchable: Gain +2 innate bonus to all Reflex saves.

Shield Mastery

Specialist Feats

Weapon Generalization Tree

Weapon Mastery Tree