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General Equipment

Weapons, Armor, Ammo, and general magic items cannot cover everything needed for extended adventuring or even some specific tasks. Any adventurer worth their salt will want to carry many useful tools that can make their lives easier, it not save their life entirely. Below will be a list of mundane, typically non-magical, items, goods, services, and similar things your character might need to succeed in their goals.

General Items and Goods

General Items
Item Name Cost Weight
Alchemy Kit 35 gp 15 lbs.
Barrel, Large 2 gp 100 lbs.
Barrel, Small 1 gp 15 lbs.
Basket, Storage .5 gp 5 lbs.
Basket, Hand .05 gp 1 lbs.
Bedroll1, Common .2 gp 5 lbs.
Bedroll1, Fine 1 gp 10 lbs.
Belt, Potion 5 gp 1 lbs.
Belt, Storage 5 gp 2 lbs.
Blanket .2 gp 4 lbs.
Bottle, Fifth .02 gp .5 lbs.
Bottle, Handle .03 gp 1.5 lbs.
Candle x6 .05 gp .25 lbs.
Case, Documents .5 gp .25 lbs.
Chalk, 20x .02 gp .5 lbs.
Climbing Kit 15 gp 5 lbs.
Cooking Kit .5 gp 8 lbs.
Fishing tackle .5 gp 2 lbs.
Flint and Steel .5 gp n/a
Grappling Hook 1 gp 1.5 lbs.
Haversack 1 gp 3 lbs.
Healing Kit, Basic .1 gp .25 lbs.
Healing Kit, Superior .5 gp .5 lbs.
Healing Kit, Elite 5 gp 1 lbs.
Ink, vial .05 gp .25 lbs.
Ink Pen/brush .1 gp n/a
Lamp, oil .02 gp .5 lbs.
Lantern, Directional .5 gp 2.5 lbs.
Lantern, Radial .25 gp 1.5 lbs.
Manacles 5 gp 4 lbs.
Oil, pint .1 1 lbs.
Outfit, Casual .5 gp 2.5 lbs.
Outfit, Travellers 2 gp 4 lbs
Paper, sheet .04 gp n/a
Paper, ream 4 gp 1 lbs.
Rations, Trail2 .5 gp 1.5 lbs
Rope, Simple .5 gp 10 lbs
Rope, Exotic 5 gp 10 lbs
Shine Stick 1 gp .1 lbs
Tool Kit 5 gp 8 lbs

1 - Weight for small characters is halved.
2 - Small size creatures eat half as much.

Alchemy Kit: Field alchemy kids contain all the tools, vials, and ingredients to make 5 potions, grenades, or oils. These can be refilled for 15gp. If the character is not in a city or town, a Bushcraft or Knowledge (Nature) Check can be attempted to replace missing ingredients.

Barrel, Large: A large 60 gallon barrel used for storing many varieties of goods. When full they can weight a great deal more. If filled with liquid assume each gallon of liquid is 8 lbs. With that in mind a full barrel will weight about 580 lbs. A half full barrel would be 340 lbs.

Barrel, Small: A small barrel meant to go on a shelf, table, or bar. These are often for small batch specialty spirits. They hold 2.5 gallons and weigh 35 lbs. full, and 27 lbs. when half full.

Basket, Storage: A large basket designed to hold bulk goods of some kind.

Basket, Hand: A small basket used to carry small items by hand, typically home commodities.

Bedroll, Common: A rolled up linen mat that makes sleeping more comfortable. While using a common bedroll, the chances of getting a poor night sleep is reduced to 20% without a tent and 0% with a tent. Can be attached to a haversack.

Bedroll, Fine: Made from leather, cotton, and other nicer materials, sleeping with a fine bedroll removed all chances of getting a poor night of sleep. Can be attached to a haversack.

Belt, Potion: This belt hold up to six potions in such away that the use of the potion becomes a free action. This applies to both drunk or thrown potions.

Belt, Storage: This belt has several small pouches on it that allow for the free use of spell components, lock picks, or other useful tools.

Blanket: A blanket prevents any potential ill effects when sleeping in cold climates. It will also give bonuses in extremely cold environments.

Bottle, Fifth: A small bottle meant for liquids, can be shaped in many ways. Weights 2 lbs full.

Bottle, Handle: A larger bottle containing twice as much as a fifth. Weights 4.5 lbs full.

Candle: A stick of wax with a wick. When lit will offer 5 ft of bright light and 10 ft. of dim light.

Case, Document: This is a tube shaped leather case with a tight seal. It can store documents, scrolls, maps, and anything that can be rolled up. This case will keep documents dry in most circumstances. Can be attached to a haversack or belt.

Chalk, 20x: A small simple box of chalk. Can mark most surfaces with temporary marks.

Climbing Kit: A pack containing several pitons, hooks, an ice axe, a hammer, and everything other than the rope required to safely climb. Having a climbers kit grants a +5 circumstance bonus to climbing, and makes otherwise impossible climbs possible.

Cooking Kit: A small pot, pan, and griddle. A few instruments, a long pronged for, spoon and knife. This allows meals to be prepared with the bushcraft or Craft (Meal) anywhere, so long as they have a fire.

Fishing tackle: A basic fishing pole, hooks, very simple lures, and fishing line. This provides a +4 on bushcraft for catching fish.

Flint and Steel: A well napped shard of flint and a rod of steel to start fires with. Gives a +4 circumstance bonus to starting a fire with a bushcraft roll.

Grappling Hook: A three-pronged hook with an eye for a rope . When attached to a rope it can be used to hook onto far away objects. This is done using a ranged attack. The AC of the object starts at 10 when it's 10 ft. away and increases by 5 for every 5 ft beyond that. Materials that are being hooked onto can also increase the AC of the object.

Haversack: A leather pack worn on the back with straps across the chest of the wearer. There are places to attach many useful items to the outside for rapid retrieval. This will be items such as, shine sticks, lanterns, bedrolls, and blankets. The pack contains about 1.5 square feet of space to store things.

Healing Kit, Basic: This allows the use of the heal skill for basic tasks, sewing, disinfecting, and closing wounds. There are simple antidotes and medicines available. Consumed after a single use.

Healing Kit, Superior: This allows for the use of heal skills for more complex healing tasks and contains a more robust selection of antidotes and medicines. This grants a +4 circumstance bonus to heal checks. Consumed after a single use.

Healing Kit, Elite: This allows for the use of heal skills for the most difficult of tasks. It comes equipped with all the tools needed and even rare and hard to find antidotes and medicines. Consumed after a single use.

Ink, Vial: Standard ink of a common color. This holds 4 oz. of ink.

Ink, Pen/Brush: Either a pen or brush designed for writing with ink.

Lamp, Oil: A simple lamp with a fill hole, a spout, and a wick coming out of it. This gives off 10 ft. of bright light and 20 ft. of shadowy light.

Lantern, Focused: A lantern with a lens that directs brighter light in a 90° cone, but nothing in other directions. This will cast bright light out to 60 ft. and 120 ft. of shadowy light.

Lantern, Radial: A lantern designed to cast light in 360° area. This casts bright light out to 20 ft. and 40 ft. of shadowy light.

Manacles: Metal rings that go around the wrists and ankles of a person that have eyes allowing rope or chains to be connected.

Outfit, Casual: This is a simple pair of the local flavor of pants, top, skirt, or whatever is worn by the typical person in a given region. This outfit is typially not going to have a good coat, storage, or anything useful for long distance travel.

Outfit, Travellers: This is a robust set of clothing. It will contain either a heavy skirt or a pair of pants, a heavy top, a heavy cloak with interior pockets, a hood, good boots, gaiters, and warm gloves. This outfit has a lighter cloak as well for hot environments. This outfit will help protect against moderately hot or cold climates.

Oil, pint: 16 oz. of oil that will allow a lantern or lamp to burn for 32 hours.

Paper, sheet: A, roughly, foot long by one and a half foot long piece of paper.

Paper, ream: 100 sheets of paper.

Rations, Trail: Enough rations of seeds, granola, pemmican, dried meet, and other non-perishables, to feed a medium size character for a single day. These last twice as long for a small sized character.

Rope, Simple: Made from Hemp, Jute, or other fibrous plants, this rope is about an inch in diameter and can safely hold about 800 lbs. of weight before snapping. This is 50 ft. worth of rope.

Rope, Exotic: Made from silks, or some mystical creatures fur, or anything like that. This rope is about half and inch in diameter and can safely hold 800 lbs. of weight before snapping. This is 50 ft. worth of rope.

Shine Stick: A metal stick that is smacked against a hard object to activate the glowing end. The stick gives off 30 ft. of bright light and 60 ft. of shadowy light. Each one lasts for 6 hours and cannot be dimmed in the interim.

Tool Kit: A series of tools used for tinkering. Having this will allow a character to user Craft (Tinker).