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Armor and Shields

Armor is simplified in this system to allow for maximal description of said armor on the character. This way the armor can be as described by the player without having to find any specific armor statistics.

Armor Type Armor Bonus Max Dex Weight Movement modifier Check Penalty Masterwork Damage Reduction Cost (gp)
Gambeson +2 +6 10 lbs - - 2/- 3
Chain +3 +5 25 lbs - -1 2/- 10
Plate +4 +4 35 lbs - -2 2/- 30
Hide(Bone) +4 +4 40 lbs - -3 3/- 40
Chain +5 +3 45 lbs -5 ft -4 3/- 50
Plate +5 +3 50 lbs -5 ft -3 3/- 100
Dragonhide +6 +2 55 lbs -10 ft -5 4/- 120
Chain +7 +1 60 lbs -10 ft -5 4/- 150
Plate +8 +0 65 lbs -10 ft -6 4/- 220
Buckler +1 n/a 1 lbs - -1 n/a 1
Full Shield +2 n/a 5 lbs - -2 n/a 3
Tower Shield*

+4 +2 10 lbs -5 ft -4 n/a 15

* Also provide cover, see text.

Armor Type

Armor comes in variations of light, medium, and heavy. The type chosen for your character should be based on their strength first, as heavier armor weighs a lot more, then maximum dexterity mod. It is best to run with an armor that caters to the maximum allowable dexterity modifier to AC.

Armor Bonus

This is the base armor bonus for the armor and is added to the AC of the character

Maximum Dexterity

This is the limit to how much of your character's dexterity modifier can be applied to armor class. A character with a +4 to dexterity wearing full plate would not be able to apply any of that bonus to AC, but it would apply to other things such as attacks, skills, and saves.


Weight here is figuring in the approximate weight for these classes of armor, the weight of the undergarment, which is a gambeson, is figured in.

Movement Modifier

This is the penalty taken to movement speed. So if the armor has -5 and your character has movement of 30; your character's movement would be 25 with that armor on.

Check Penalty

Check penalties are the negatives taken to skills that require movement, like climb, swim, tumble, etc.. While wearing the armor, or having a shield in your inventory, these penalties apply. Please note having a shield in some sort of pocket dimension like a magical bag will remove the penalty.

Masterwork Damage Reduction

This is damage reduction that is gained when the armor is Masterwork. This bonus stacks with any character growth based damage reduction or armor enhancement based reduction. So from feats, applicable abilities, or definitions. This damage reduction will not stack with any spell derived damage reduction.


Masterwork armor is a higher quality build of whatever the root armor is. On top of gaining the masterwork damage reduction listed in the chart, the armor's weight is also reduced by 5 lbs, the check penalty is reduced by 1, and the movement modifier is reduced by 5. A masterwork armor costs 30 go more than the base cost. Masterwork increases the base hardness by 2 and HP by 10

Masterwork shields are made from higher quality materials and are often crafted better. Masterwork shields have their check penalties reduced by 1 and costs 30 gp more than the base price. Masterwork increases the base hardness by 2 and HP by 10

Spell Failure

Spell Failure is determined by weight. Light armor has a 15% spell failure chance, Medium armor has a 30% spell failure chance, and heavy armor has a 50% spell failure chance. This failure chance only applies if the spell is arcane and requires somatic components. Divine and Nature spells are not affected by this as the somatic components are far simpler.


Shields are held pieces of mostly wood, sometimes metal in the case of bucklers, that are either center gripped or strapped to the users arms. If a character is trained with a shield they can use two handed weapons and bows. If a character is not trained they cannot wield a shield with a two handed weapon, and its check penalty also applies to all attacks along with any other penalties.

Shields Bash

Shield Bashing is an attack action that can be performed in place of any of your characters attacks. The attack roll is 1d20 + Base Attack of that attack action + Strength or Dexterity (whichever is higher) + any other modifiers. Bucklers do 1d4 damage, Full Shields deal 1d6 damage, and Tower Shields deal 1d10 damage.


Gambeson: A thick coat of layered linen and wool. Sometimes simple, sometimes rather stylish. It provides far more protection than one would expect and is the base component of all the other armors. This armor has a base damage reduction of 2/- and 10 hit points.

Light Chain: This is a gambeson with a simple chain, ring, or scale shirt over the torso with a belt to help distribute its weight. It provides superior protection. This armor has a base damage reduction of 5/- and 15 hit points.

Light Plate: This is a gambeson with light plating in important areas, while not providing the best protection it is light and mobile. This armor has a base damage reduction of 5/- and 20 hit points.

Medium Hide/Bone: This is a fuller set of armor with padded pants and thick tough hide, typically leather boiled in fat and oil, or bone. It provides decent protection. This is popular among druids This armor has a base damage reduction of 2/- and 25 hit points.

Medium Chain: A fuller set of armor with padded pants and full set of chain, scales, or metal banding. that covers the majority of the body. It provides decent protection. This armor has a base damage reduction of 5/- and 30 hit points.

Medium Plate: Sometimes called a half or partial plate this armor includes heavier plating in all vital areas and chain where it doesn't have plating. It provides good protection at the cost of mobility. This armor has a base damage reduction of 5/- and 40 hit points.

Heavy Dragonhide: This is armor made from the hide of tough magical monster, sometimes but not always a dragon. It naturally has scales and tough rigid sections to it. When molded properly and fit on it provides good protection and is more mobile than heavier armors. This armor has a base damage reduction of 2/- and 40 hit points.

Heavy Chain: A full on suit with Chain and metal banding or scales in important spots this provides heavy protection while still allowing for some extra movements. This armor has a base damage reduction of 5/- and 45 hit points.

Heavy Plate: Fit to your character are a series of articulated plates that allow for the fullest range of motions such a suit could offer. While the protection is as good as it gets, there is only so far your can help with mobility via articulation. This armor has a base damage reduction of 5/- and 50 hit points

Buckler: A small shield not much bigger than a center boss for a larger shield, this is meant to be carried with easy to offer protection to sword fighters where larger shields would not be allowed. This shield itself has a base damage reduction of 5/- and 15 hit points. Bucklers can be used with any and all two handed weapons, including bows and crossbows.

Full Shield: A full shield, center grip or arm grip, provides much more protection to the user and utility in shield bashes, see combat than a buckler does. This offers a +1 circumstance bonus to reflex saves against area spells, so long as it isn't centered on your character. This shield has a base damage reduction of 5/- and 25 hit points. Full Shields can be used with any non-ranged two-handed weapon.

Tower Shield: A large shield that is cumbersome and unwieldy when not in use. These offer the best protection, especially while in formation with other soldiers. The wielder has complete cover against and areas affect that are not directly targeting them. This also grants a 50% miss chance from any incoming ranged attacks. Ranged attacks and area affects blocked by the shield will deal damage to the shield instead. This shield has a base damage reduction of 5/- and 75 hit points. Most weapons can be used with a tower shield with the normal penalties. The only exception are long bows, which cannot be used with a tower shield equipped.