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Introductions and Basics

Common Terms

Building a character

The first thing to do in Defined is to build a character to one's preference entirely. Think of things like, do I want to make a melee master? Or perhaps a wizard? Something in between? How about a sneaky healer? These are the kinds of thoughts one should have. There is no need to shoe horn a concept into some kind of pre-built class, though some suggestions of builds will be presented in other areas of the site. With this system a character of any type should be possible with the tools at hand, and it is actively encouraged that a Definition Master, the person running the game, work with their players to build or create anything that isn't already present should a player desire it. To start an example character creation process will be given through this page.

After a concept is formed the next thing to consider are the primary definition of the character as well as the progression the character will have. The primary definition will affect what kind of armors they can wear out of the gate, as well as the general flavor of the character. The Progression will determine the saves, attacks, skill growth, magical growth, and many other aspects of the character.

For our example we want to make a stalker stealthy type, with an emphasis on mobility and utility in their skills. So the primary definition chosen will be Acrobat, as it will over a lot of mobility; though Hunter, Pilferer, and others could also work well. This definition will grant the character Uncanny Dodge, no training with armor, and training with shields; sans tower shields. Magic is not something I want this character to have I will be choosing the non-magical progression. A Medium Attack curve offers more skill points, so that is chosen. Once again looking for the most number of skill points, specialist will be chosen. So the basics of this character will be an Acrobat with a Non-Magic, Medium Attack, Specialist progression.

There are two standard ways to obtain the base attributes for a character. One is the static set that is used to build all NPCs and Monsters. This is a set of 18, 16, 16, 14, 14, and 12; to be distributed as desired. The other way is to roll a character's stats by rolling 5d4 and re-rolling any ones and total. Do this five times, as one stat is always an 18. Some DMs might make house rules for rolling, follow the DMs rules. To DMs, understand that all example monsters and NPCs are built with the aforementioned static attributes