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Skills are vital to your characters ability to interact with the world. Most skills are used out of combat and are for things such as detecting enemies, finding hidden objects, swimming, general athletics, cooking, and many other things. Below is a comprehensive list of the standard skill options.

Acrobatics (Strength): Jumping, back flips, and other feats of athleticism that require precision. This also allows more movement options in combat.

Balance (Dexterity): Balance is preventing footing loss during strong winds, walking on ice, walking across thing objects. It also counters tramples and some abilities.

Beguile (Charisma): Lying, deceiving, and dishonesty. This is countered by Discern Intent.

Bushcraft (Wisdom): Knowledge of how to survive in the wilds. From hunting to very basic cooking. Many attempts to do makeshift things are Bushcraft.

Conceal (Dexterity): Conceal yourself or others from sight; requires hiding places. Spot counters Conceal.

Concentration (Constitution): The ability to hold concentration on spells during difficult circumstances.

Counterfeit (Intelligence): Forging documents, money, symbols, and other things. This is countered by Spot.

Craft (Intelligence): The ability to make things simple or complex, view entry for further detail.

Discern Intent (Wisdom): Detect behavior and lies of others. Also pick up on and gather insight of peoples words and behaviors. Discern Intent counters Beguile.

Diplomacy (Charisma): Talk, discuss, argue, or resolve situations peacefully or honestly with diplomacy. Diplomacy counters diplomacy.

Disguise (Charisma): Build a disguise for yourself and wear it well. This is countered by spot.

Escape Artist (Dexterity): Slip out of a difficult situation with good control over your body. Get out of shackles or a grapple.

Gather Information (Charisma): Spend time asking around a location to learn desired details.

Haggle (Charisma): Argue the value of objects to get better prices. Haggle is countered by haggle.

Heal (Intelligence): Treat wounds and injuries and prevent further damage. Can recover HP as well.

Intimidate (Charisma): Press your will onto others to get what you want through fear and threats.

Investigate (Intelligence): Pick apart and search an area to find minute details, find objects, and other similar things.

Knowledge (Intelligence): Many entries, see full text of skill.

Listen (Wisdom): Pick up on noises, this is used reactively or actively by players. Listen counters by Move Silent.

Lock picking (Dexterity): Open locks with lock picking tools or improvised tools.

Move Silently (Dexterity): Move or do actions quietly, ranging from moving, to picking locks. Countered by Listen.

Perform (Charisma): Perform some kind of skill or act for money. Typically associated with music but can be other things.

Profession (Wisdom): Multiple entries, can replace other skills; see fully entry.

Ride (Dexterity): Control an animal or vehicle your character is controlling, and stay on their mount while damaged.

Sleight of Hand (Dexterity): Small hand tricks like hiding keys, daggers, etc... Many uses; countered by Spot.

Spot (Wisdom): Used reactively, see incoming threats or concealed characters.Spot counters Conceal.

Sabotage Device (Intelligence): Disable traps, set a trap, break a lever, and other similar uses. Sabotage Device counters itself.

Swim (Strength): Swimming in difficult situations, swimming quickly, or complex swimming maneuvers.

Use Rope (Dexterity): Make use of grappling hooks, ropes, and chains. If used to secure a creature, use rope is countered by Escape Artist.