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Throughout the world there are many artifacts that are beyond the scope of typical magical items and have unique capabilities. Here is a list of some pre-made ones that can be used either in a campaign or as a template to make better suited ones for any story.

Almost all artifacts are indestructible, but if there is shatter resistance and HP mentioned in the entry they can be destroyed conventionally. Most of the time attempting to destroy an artifact will only result in tiring the attacker out. This does not, however, protect anyone wearing an artifact being attacked from getting hurt.





Energy Glaive

Slot: Weapon
Two-Handed Polearm: Bladed
Rune Energy Type
Air Electric
Fire Heat
Earth Desiccation
Force Force; ignores shatter resistance
Ice Cold
Void Entropic; ignores shatter resistance

This weapon is a long metal shaft that is shockingly light at .5 lbs. Despite this it still has 25 shatter resistance and 110 hp. This weapon will form a glowing blade of energy at the end when activated. This weapon can only be activated for 10 rounds before any electric effect is used on it to charge it. The standard energy rune disc this glaive comes with is the Water disc, meaning it deals purely corrosive damage.

This weapon deals 1d10 damage with a 19-20 critical range and x3 critical multiplier.

The Energy Glaive is considered to be a +4 enhancement weapon but cannot hold any imbuements.

Power cells are available to allow for quick recharges, but can only be found in the ruins of Loka-Makh. Swapping a power cell is a swift action.

Flame Tip Spear

Slot: Weapon Two-Handed Polearm: Spear Uses: See text

This weapon when used normally is a +4 Flaming Spear of Flame Detonation. As such it gains +2d6 fire damage on normal hits and an extra +2d6 fire damage on critical hits.

On top of that this spear will absorb any fire based spell that the wielder saves against, even if it wasn't directed at them. The Spear can hold up to 10 levels of spells. At any time, as a standard action, the fire can be released as a 40 ft. line dealing 2d8 head damage per spell level absorbed. Natural flames can also be absorbed into the spear, but will only count as 1 spell level.

1 per day the wielder can teleport to any square within 60 ft.

1 per day the wielder can turn the spear into lotus petals and mack attacks at a range of 30 ft. The Spear returns at the beginning of the wielder's next turn.


All Seeing Eye

Slot: Head Uses: 2 per day

This skull cap is made up of sturdy steel with an all-too-realistic eye inlaid onto the forehead of the helm. When worn the eye will move with the wearer's own eyes. The wearer will gain a +1 insight bonus to AC and Attack.

2 per day the wearer can clearly see the threats of fate for every creature in line of sight. Choose a creature and gain the ability to change any roll of your choosing to any result of your choosing so long as it involves that creature.

At night, after using this ability, there is a 15% chance per use to be exposed to the wearer's own fate while dreaming. Every time this is seen there is a 35% chance it is later than the previous and a 65% chance to be earlier. If three visions are seen in a row, the wearer dies in the morrow. This happens however it was depicted in the vision.



Wind and Fire Wheels

Speed Bonus Balance DC
+10 fr. 12
+20 ft. 17
+30 ft. 25
+40 ft. 30
+50 ft. 35
Balance checks are increased by 5 if flying.
Slot: Feet

These are two wheels that hover on the outside of the wearer's ankles. When activated they begin to spin and flame. As the wearer moves the wheels will position themselves under their feet. and begin to spin, creating some clouds. Each round during a move the user can move at +10, +20, +30, +40, or +50 ft, of movement. The user can also choose to fly at this speed with perfect maneuverability. During movement the wearer must make balance checks or fall prone, or out of the air.


Universe Ring

Slot: Forearm
Use: 1 Per day

A bladed bracelet that poses no risk to the wearer. As a standard action the ring can be released and it will begin to float and attack on its own. The ring will attack the nearest hostile creature. Its attack roll will be 1d20 + Wearer's HD + Wearer's Dexterity Mod or Strength mod + 7. On hit the ring will deal 3d6+9 slashing damage with a x3 critical multiplier. The ring will float around and attack for 5 rounds before it returns to the wearer.



Thaycoh Scarf

Slot: Neck

This scarf curses the threads of fate around the user, and alters how chance, skill, and talent work around the user. The scarf is a finely woven burgundy sash that has gold trimming expertly and fancily sewn on. At the ends of the scarf is an embroidered, "Zero," numerical symbol. The symbol changes into whatever numerals the user is used to seeing. The origins of this scarf are unknown, nor is its original purpose known.

For the wearer, their AC calculation changes to 10 + Armor + Shield + all other types of bonuses - 1/2 Dex Mod; round down - circumstance modifiers.

Creatures that attack the scarf wearer also suffer from the curse in that their attack rolls no longer work the same. Their attack roll becomes 1d20 + any circumstance modifier. No other bonuses are counted towards their attack.

If the attacker's attack roll + the scarf wearer's AC total to 20, the attack is considered a hit.

Removing this cursed object requires a benediction ritual to be cast with at least four level sixteen divine casters contributing.



Armillary Sash

Slot: Shoulders
Uses: 2 Per day

This red sash wraps over the shoulders and forms a sort of halo over the wearer's head. As a swift action the sash will rapidly wrap around a specified target within 50 ft. of the wearer. This sash will attempt to grapple the target using the wearer's grapple bonuses. If the target loses three opposed grapples in a row, they become pin and exposed.


Upper Arms