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Magical Items

Magical items are the second half of a character. Every encounter in the examples are built with a character having their level's gold worth of magical items. A character without their tools is vulnerable, especially at higher levels.


Enhancement bonuses are a flat bonus to the weapon or armor's effectiveness and do not stack with enhancement bonuses from any other source. A weapon gains the enhancement bonus to both attack and damage. Shields and armor gain shield enhancement and armor enhancement bonuses to AC Respectively. Spell Focuses gain different bonuses see Spell Focus for more information. All enhanced items gain 2 hardness and 10 HP for each level of enhancement. Stat boosting items also offer enhancement bonuses, such as a Belt of Strength +2.


Imbuements are special traits, features, protections, or otherwise useful things an armor, shield, or weapon can do. Imbuements are limited by the enhancement modifier of the item. An Arming Sword +1 has one imbuement capacity. Meanwhile an Arming Sword +5 has five imbuement capacity . An imbuement is permanent and cannot be undone.

Alternative: If it is desired that imbuements be removable. They can be explained as runes, gems, or some other thing that is attached to an item. The imbuement would follow the rune or gem instead of being permanently stuck to a weapon. Capacities remain the same.

Minor Imbuements: These are very weak affects that take 0 capacity, but limited to one per item. These can be applied to any armor, shield or weapon that is masterwork.

Lesser Imbuements: The first lesser imbuement takes one capacity. The second and onward take up two capacity.

Moderate Imbuement: The first moderate imbuement takes up two capacity. The second and onward take up three capacity.

Greater Imbuement: These take four capacity.