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Enhanced Spell Focus

Like a warrior has a sword and an archer a bow many spell casters have a focus of some sort. Enhanced Focuses are useful in that they can eschew the need for material components, or allow the use of level 7+ spells that require such focuses. They come in many forms, staves, wands, scepters, vajra, holy symbols of all kinds, crystals and whatever else can be fashioned into a focus.


Enhancement grants a bonus equal to the enhancement of the focus to any spell that requires an attack roll. Focuses also grant an equivalent number of bonus spell slots. So if a characters has a +5 focus they have 5 free spell slots to be broken up as 5 level 1 spells, or 1 level 5 spell, and everything in between. These spell slots can be be used to apply metamagic to a spell being currently cast as well, so long as the user has the feat. These spell slots regenerate every morning. Some spells require focuses of certain enhancement to even be cast. If the cost of the spell focus is five times greater than the material cost for a spell, the material component can be ignored.

Cost in Gold Enhancement Modifier
300 +1
1,200 +2
2,700 +3
4,800 +4
7,500 +5

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Lesser Imbuements

Simplex: Contains a simplex spell that can be used as if the wielder knows it.

Storing, Minor: Acts like a spell book with 50 pages, stores the spells through unique methods to the device.

Lesser Imbuement Cost (gp)
Minor Storing 60
Simplex 750

Moderate Imbuements

Advance Simplex: Contains an advance simplex that can be used as if the wielder knows it.

Moderate Imbuement Cost (gp)
Advanced Simplex 2,000

Greater Imbuements

Greater Imbuement Cost (gp)
Heightening 5,000

Heightening: As a swift action, three times per day, apply the focus' enhancement bonus to a single spell the wielder casts in the same turn.