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Skill Synergies

Having skill points in some skills will supply small flat bonuses to other skills. Below is a list of these abilities and their bonuses. All synergies are granted when the skill that has a synergy has 6 or more skill points into it. Each synergy is considered a unique bonus, so they all stack.

Skills with 6 or more skill points
Skill Name Synergy
Acrobatics +2 Escape Artist and Swim
Balance +2 All Acrobatics
Beguile +2 Diplomacy and Disguise
Counterfeit +2 on spots against Counterfeit
Discern Intent +2 Diplomacy
Diplomacy +2 on Gather Information and Haggle
Escape Artist +2 on Use Rope when binding a creature
Haggle +2 on Diplomacy
Investigate +2 on Spot and Sabotage Device
Knowledge (Arcana) +2 on Concentration
Knowledge (Common) +2 Gather Information
Knowledge (High Class) +2 Diplomacy
Knowledge (History) +2 Haggle
Knowledge (The Planes) +2 Bushcraft on other planes
Knowledge (Religion) +2 Concentration
Perform +2 Gather Information
Profession (Animal Tamer) +2 Ride
Slight of Hand +2 when using conceal to hide objects
Use Rope +2 When using acrobatics to climb