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Conditions are very temporary afflictions that belong in a category of their own, as they all auto-recover within a relatively short amount of time. Below is a list of all condition summaries.

Bad Luck

A creature can be affected by condition, typically given by fairies, called bad luck. This effects makes all damage rolls minimum for the duration.

Concealment, Partial

All combatants will know where a creature with partial concealment is. Partial concealment grants a 20% miss chance on all incoming attacks as well as a +2 circumstance bonus to AC against ranged attacks. Creatures that have partial cover do not, however, render their opponent flat-footed with melee attacks.

Concealment, Full

All combatants will not know exactly which square a creature will full concealment is. Full concealment grants a 50% miss chance on all incoming attacks. Creatures that have full concealment render their opponents flat-footed with melee attacks. Invisibility is another form of full concealment.


A dizzy creature must make concentration checks DC 10 + their HD + spell level to cast spells. When moving at a DC 15 balance check must be made or fall prone. To Run the DC becomes 25. When engaged in melee combat any attack roll suffers a -2 circumstantial penalty.


An exhausted creature can only move or use a standard action in a round. They suffer a -3 dodge penalty to AC and reflex saves. On top of this they only move at half their ground speed while under this effect.


An exposed creature is completely helpless and can be instantly reduced to 0 HP if a full-round action is taken to do so. An exposed creature must make a DC 10 + Damage dealt Level Check (1d20+ HD + Con). If they fail they drop immediately to 0 hp and fail their first death save. Attacks against an exposed creature are considered critical threat.


A fatigued creature cannot charge or double-move in a round. Any excessively tiring activity will leave them exhausted. On top of this they will suffer a -1 dodge penalty to AC and reflex saves.


A flat-footed opponent is denied their dexterity, dodge, insight, and parry bonuses to AC.


Your character has massive bouts of dizzyness and a strong feeling of needing to purge their stomach contents. Every round there is a 33% chance of puking and not acting, 33% chance of needing to make a DC 18 balance check or fall prone, and a 33% chance of behaving normally for the round.


A scared opponent is hesitant to resist, fight back, or deny the source of what has scared them. Against that opponent they suffer a -2 on attack rolls, will saves, and will strongly prefer staying out of range of that target. A scared creature is also more compliant to requests and will often honor them to avoid conflict at all. If a creature is more afraid of something else, they might not honor a request as they'll always prioritize what has terrified them the most.


Sickened creatures take a -2 to all rolls, and have their movement speed reduced by 10 ft.


A sleeping creature is exposed, unable to move, and does not threaten any squares. Any noise of listen DC 15 or higher gives a sleeping person a chance to wake up if they succeed on the listen check. A creature does have a -5 listen penalty while sleeping.


Creatures affected by the soaked status gain vulnerability to electric spells. Creatures that are resistant, lost their resistance instead. If the creature is immune become resistant insteat. Creatures that absorbs electrical damage will heal an amount equal to the vulnerable damage.


A stifled opponent is overwhelmed by emotion be it natural or magically induced. They cannot take any actions if left alone, but if any offensive actions are taken against them, they can dodge, defend, or protect themselves. If a stifle is magically induced any offensive actions on them grants them another immediate will save. Any reactive skill such as balance, spot, listen, etc... gain a -4 circumstance penalty. A stifled opponent is not considered flat-footed.


A stunned creature drops their weapons and cannot take any standard actions that round, as a result they threaten no squares. They can move at half speed. While stunned they gain a -2 dodge penalty to AC and Reflex Saves and a -4 circumstance penalty to acrobatics, balance, investigate, listen, and spot checks.

Touch Attack

This is an attack, be it melee or ranged, that ignores all the physical aspects of armor, since only contact need be made for it to be effective. Touch attacks roll against AC but without any armor bonus, shield bonus, natural armor bonus, and parry bonus.