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Welcome to Defined Gaming

Defined Gaming is a system for table-top, or any, RPG style system where in one has near-complete control of how they build their characters within the system itself. This idea was born from having played several table top systems and finding the purely open-class character systems lacking in flavor, and the closed-class system games always missing the mark on how a character is imagined. Instead of a system writing a character's history into its base abilities, a person should be able to choose exactly how their character is; without being flat and bland like a completely open-class system is.

Rule Zero

Like most table top systems there will be one person building and running a campaign setting and story. Throughout the explanations and examples, the setting of Estrella will be used. Any and all of these rules and examples can and should be modified to suit a group's specific desires and needs.

Little effort will be given into balancing this system as the idea is more about having fun, telling stories, and allowing character growth arcs to enrich the player experience. If a player is making things unfun, it is suggested that the person running the group (or the group as a whole) address the complaints with that player. This is especially true if a player is building something that comes off as overpowering or condescending.

The Definition Master (DM) has the ultimate word in how something should happen. It is suggested that discussion with the group happen first, so it doesn't feel dictatorial.

Example Setting

The Setting given in all the example, as said earlier, is called Estrella. It is a meritocratic and isolated nation located in the southern hemisphere of its base world. The rest of the world is not defined at all so this setting could also be dropped onto other settings should there be room for it.

Estrella is relatively large nation broken into self-governing provinces that all exist under a federal